Danny's Decades is the story of Danny Decalow as he progresses through the decades of his life. He develops a fondness for politics and current events at an early age and is transfixed by the media and its great influence on the public. You'll meet Danny at the age of 10 and follow his pursuit to become a successful communicator and journalist.

Danny's Decades

About the Author

Steve Corman is an eight-time Emmy-award winning television and radio news and sports producer / writer. He has nearly 50 years of experience and has worked at WMAQ-TV (NBC-Chicago), KNSD-TV (NBC-San Diego) and WIND Radio (Group W-Chicago) in a variety of producing, writing and management positions. He also has taught courses in writing and television production at several different colleges and universities in both the Chicago and San Diego areas. Steve and his wife now reside in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he describes himself as being somewhere between a writer and a bum!

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